Gymnastics develops well-rounded athletes who excel in any physical activity.

5280 Gymnastics’ classes are for everyone, from 18 months old to adults. We offer a wide variety of classes that are tailored to every age and ability, and hope that you too will develop a life-long love for the sport of gymnastics!

Call us today to set up your free trial.  A parent/guardian signed waiver is required for all 5280 Gymnastics Activities.

Parent-Tot Classes

Boys and Girls – Ages 18 months to 3 years old
Length: 45 min

In this interactive class, parent and toddler share in learning gymnastics movement together. Toddlers will learn social fundamentals such as making friends, taking turns, and celebrating their accomplishments and those of others. They will also learn to participate in a group, follow a circuit, share equipment, and have FUN moving and learning. The parent will learn basic spotting and safety techniques to assist his or her child in developing fine and gross motor skills. Remember, what seem to be simple movements for us are complex combinations for little ones! Enjoy watching them grow as they begin to trust themselves physically and socially.

Preschool Classes

Boys and Girls – Ages 3 and 4 years old
Length: 50 min

This class will expose little gymnasts to age appropriate challenges in a structured environment. We emphasize not only physical growth, but mental and social growth as well. Frequently, this is a child’s first experience working without the supervision of Mom or Dad. Building a child’s confidence and independence is the primary goal. The class follows a circuit of activities designed to make children feel successful and build self-esteem. They will learn how to listen to a teacher, accomplish tasks, and get along with others. Preschoolers will gain strength, flexibility, endurance and agility performing basic gymnastics skills. They also develop important mental skills such as sequencing and focusing. Our coaches are patient and dedicated to making every child feel successful and excited about gymnastics.

Recreational Classes

Boys and Girls — Ages 5+
Length: 60 – 90 minutes, varying by level

5280 recreational classes are the best in town! Our coaches know that fun and success are the key to keeping kids excited and motivated to achieve more. Our curriculum is used to provide a safe and progressive approach to learning that gives your child many opportunities to succeed and be praised. Your child will gain confidence and fitness as he or she builds strength, flexibility, and coordination. The benefits of our classes will reach beyond the sport of gymnastics into any other sport your child may choose to pursue.

Twice a year, we hold a performance for our recreational students. These performances are integral to the development of any gymnast. Students are encouraged to perform in front of an audience, testing their confidence and focus. Although the event is not competitive, coaches motivate their kids to give their personal best performance. Gymnasts demonstrate what they have been learning in class, and are rewarded for their hard work with a medal at the end of the show. This is a fun family event that students often look forward to for months.

Tumbling Classes

Boys and Girls — Ages 7+
Length: 60 – 90 minutes

Tumbling Classes are for students 7 years and up wanting to focus on tumbling and trampoline skills. These classes work on basic to advanced tumbling, from rolls to flips and twists. The class will also spend time conditioning and developing the strength necessary to become a successful tumbler. This is a great class for cheerleaders who want to improve their tumbling skills, or the gymnast who just loves to tumble!

Advanced Movement

Boys and Girls — Ages 7+
Length: 90 minutes

5280’s advanced movement classes are designed to teach proper technique and conditioning for flips and maneuvers commonly seen in free running or Parkour. This class will practice on the floor, tramps, mats, rope and pit to use gymnastics as a springboard for fun and creative movment. This program is run by Coach Lorin, who has been a finalist on American Ninja warrior!


Boys and Girls – Ages 3 – 7
By instructor approval

The Stars Program is a developmental program for girls and boys who have been identified as fast-movers in their classes and shown qualities of future competitive gymnasts. The classes are meant to teach gymnastics fundamentals in such a way that gifted movers are challenged and inspired to learn. There is a strong emphasis on shaping, strength, and flexibility, as well as developing a positive work ethic and competitive spirit. A coach’s invitation and/or tryout is required for these classes.

Adult Classes

No experience necessary!
Length: 60 or 90 minutes

Yes – Adult classes! For the Adult beginner (no experience at all!) or the veteran gymnast longing to relive the old days . . . our adult gymnastics classes are designed for all levels and abilities. Each participant will be challenged on an individual basis. This class will allow you to pull away from your normal workout routine and make some time for fun. Gain strength, flexibility, agility and CONFIDENCE you never thought you were capable of. It’s never too late to benefit from this sport!