Men’s Team – North

Vladimir Artemev

Men’s Team North – Head Coach

Vladimir is an accomplished gymnast, coach and father to his son. Vladimir has been with 5280 Gymnastics from the very first day we opened and is a mentor and leader for all the coaches in the gym. Vladimir earned his degree in Sports Physics from the Belarussian University in Minsk, Belarus, and then spent ten years as an Elite gymnast for the Soviet National Team. He is a World Cup medalist, the 1984 Soviet Championships Champion, European Championships Team Champion, and was slated to compete for the USSR in the boycotted 1984 Olympic Games. Since 1988, Vladimir has coached compulsory, optional, and elite level boys, and even girls! He coached his son, Sasha, to a Bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic Games and has helped numerous boys earn athletic scholarships from prestigious universities.

Vladimir was awarded the title of Master of Sport by USA Gymnastics for demonstrating the ability to train and produce an athlete that has represented the United States in the highest level of competition – the Olympic Games.

Irina Bendassova

Men’s Team North

Coach Irina is a Rostov Russian Sports Scholar. She competed for the Elite Soviet National Team, where she earned a spot as a World Cup finalist. Irina has also won team medals in the National Soviet and European Championships. We couldn’t have been more pleased when Irina and Vladimir were married in 2008, creating a coaching force to be reckoned with. Irina has brought a wealth of coaching expertise to our Men’s team, and she adores watching gymnasts reach their goals over years of training. Without question her son, Sasha, is her favorite gymnast of all time.

Alexander Artemev

Men’s Team North

Alexander, or “Sasha” as we know him, is a 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist! He is currently a student in the college of business and finance at Red Rocks. Other accomplishments include winning the 2006 VISA All-around championship and a bronze medal in the 2006 World Championships. Sasha has been coaching with his father for the past 6 years with boy’s levels 5-10. He loves learning more about coaching everyday he is at the gym. His favorite gymnasts include his father Vladimir Artemev and our very own Yul Moldauer.

Alex Svitlychnyy

Men’s Team North

Coach Alex is a graduate of the Kharkiv University of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine. His athletic career spanned 25 years and includes two trips to the Olympics Games in 1996 and 2000!  In 1996 Coach Alex’s team won the Olympic Bronze medal, and in 2000 they won the Silver. He also has been to the World and European Championships five times. The USSR recognized him as National Champion from 1990-1992. Before coming to 5280 Gymnastics, Alex spent 10 years coaching the Ukrainian Jr. National Team and Kharkiv Regional Gymnastics Team. His favorite thing about gymnastics is working with the kids!

Sean Rocha

Men’s Team North

Coach Sean graduated from Brush High School and competed in gymnastics from 1991-2003. In 1992, Coach Sean was the Class 5 State Champion. Since then, Coach Sean has spent 12 years coaching all levels with both boys and girls. Coach Sean’s favorite thing about coaching kids is seeing them achieve their personal definition of success. His favorite athletes are Kim Zmeskal and Trent Dimas. A fun fact about Coach Sean is that he lived in Texas, Nevada, Florida, and California in the past 10 years but Colorado and 5280 are his favorite!

Men’s Team – South

Roman Gryshayev

Men’s Team South – Head Coach

Coach Roman received his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Coaching from the University of Physical Culture and Sport in Kiev, Ukraine. He was a gymnast for 17 years, and a Ukrainian National Team Member for 10 years.  Roman holds seven national pommel horse titles from Ukraine, a bronze medal on pommel horse from the USSR national competition, a silver medal from the International Medical Cup all-around, and is an International Master of Sports in gymnastics. For the past 26 years, he has coached boys gymnastics levels 4-Elite. Roman has a great sense of humor, and has fun getting to know his students and giving them nicknames. He really enjoys preparing the team for national competitions. Roman’s favorite gymnast of all time is our very own Sasha Artemev.

Iryna Gryshayeva

Men’s Team South

Coach Iryna received her bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Coaching from the University of Physical Culture and Sport in Kiev, Ukraine. She was a Professional Trampoline Competitor for 10 years, and competed at the National level. In 1982, she was the Soviet Union Trampoline Champion! Iryna has 2 children, both of whom were competitive gymnasts. Her son, Anton, earned a full gymnastics scholarship to the University of Iowa, where he was a 2013 All-American for his performance on the rings. Iryna is a tough boys coach, and parents love her for consistently getting the best out of their kids. She is known to be the “conditioning sergeant” for the men’s team.

Kathy Perry

Men’s Team South

Coach Kathy was an elementary education student at the University of Northern Colorado. She participated in gymnastics for 7 years and earned the distinction of Class 2. In 1989 she was awarded the MVP for Lincoln High School because of her athletic accomplishments as a gymnast. For ten years she has shared her passion and love for the sport with girl’s levels 1-6 and boy’s levels 1-5. Her favorite thing about coaching is the smiles on the kid’s faces after they learn a new skill and the growth in their self-esteem. Chainey Umphrey is her favorite gymnast of all time and when not coaching you can find Coach Kathy skydiving or enjoying time with her dogs.

Women’s Team – North

Mikah Hammond

Women’s Team North – Head Coach

Mikah has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University. At the end of her ten year career, Mikah was training Elite at the World’s Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) in Texas. She has been coaching for 18 years with compulsory and optional girls. Outside of coaching, she enjoys rooting for the Dallas Cowboys as a self-proclaimed “Cowboy fan for life.”

Megan Carey

Women’s Team North

Coach Megan has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Arizona State University and is a former member of their gymnastics team. Her athletic career lasted 14 years. Megan is a Z-Health Master Instructor and specializes in performance enhancement and functional neurology. She has worked with gymnasts, skydivers, professional fitness competitors, and cheerleaders. For the past 18 years she has been coaching gymnastics in all levels for both boys and girls. She finds her passion in helping kids conquer fear and achieve goals. Amanda Borden is her favorite gymnast of all time. When not coaching, Megan enjoys the mountains by Slalom Skiing and riding horses.

Alex Shchennikov

Women’s Team North

Alex was an elite gymnast and was awarded the prestigious “Master of Sport” denomination. He graduated from Russia’s State University with a degree in Physical Education and shortly after moved to the United States, where he worked as an assistant coach to Kevin Mazeika (U.S. Men’s Team Olympic Coach, 2004, 2008, 2012). In 2005, Alex was selected as a U.S. Olympic Training Center Resident Program Assistant Coach, where he has coached U.S. National Team Members, including Jason Gatson (2004 Silver Medalist), Joseph Hagerty (2008 Bronze Medalist) and David Durante (2008 Olympics Alternate). Alex has also coached at many J.O. Nationals Championships, VISA Championships, Winter Cup Challenge at the 2008 Olympic Trials, as well as at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the 2011 World Cup in Moscow.

Katia Shchennikova

Women’s Team North

Katia was an elite gymnast and was on the Russian National Team. She graduated from the Russian State University with a degree in Physical Education. Katia was recruited to Utah, where she coached both compulsory and optional Girls’ teams, helping to create state champions and regional and national qualifiers. In 2010, Katia’s Level 7 team won the Colorado State Championships.

Tatiana Kondratova

Women’s Team North

Tatiana is a Russian native. After receiving her Bachelors of Physical Education from University of Moscow, she competed at the international elite level in women’s gymnastics. She was a member of the Russian and USSR National Teams and was awarded sixth place all-around at the USSR National Championships in 1987. For the over two decades Tatiana has coached girls and boys levels 3-10, and finds the most joy in helping her athletes grow up physically and mentally. She prides herself in helping kids set goals, celebrate victories, and persevere through defeat.  Tatiana’s son, Vitaliy, is a current National Team Member, and trains right here at 5280!

Women’s Team – South

Oksana Kryzhanivska

Women’s Team South
Coach Oksana holds a Bachelors Degree of Science from the Higher Education Institute of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine. Her career as a gymnast spanned 16 years and she received the Master of Sports of recognition from the USSR, as well as the title of Honored Coach of Ukraine. Oksana has coached many champions, including Ukranian Olympian Dariya Zgoba. Her favorite thing about gymnastics is the Olympic pursuit, and her favorite athletes are Olympic gymnasts Liliya Podkopoyeva and Nastia Liukin.

Harmony Myers

Women’s Team South

Harmony is currently enrolled as a Master’s student at Fuller Theological Seminary. She holds a Bachelors of Biology from the U.S. Air Force Academy’s graduating class of 1999. While there she competed as a Division 1 NCAA gymnast. She has over 20 years of experience in the sport, with 15 years involved in coaching levels 1-9. Her favorite thing about being in the gym is seeing a gymnast’s unquenchable smile when she masters a new skill. Kerri Strug is her favorite gymnast of all time. Once, Coach Harmony survived in the mountains for a week eating only ants and berries. Wow!

Alex Svitlychnyy

Women’s Team South

Coach Alex is a graduate of the Kharkiv University of Physical Culture and Sport in Ukraine. His athletic career spanned 25 years and includes two trips to the Olympics Games in 1996 and 2000!  In 1996 Coach Alex’s team won the Olympic Bronze medal, and in 2000 they won the Silver. He also has been to the World and European Championships five times. The USSR recognized him as National Champion from 1990-1992. Before coming to 5280 Gymnastics, Alex spent 10 years coaching the Ukrainian Jr. National Team and Kharkiv Regional Gymnastics Team. His favorite thing about gymnastics is working with the kids!

Jenn Sjogren

Women’s Team South

Bio coming soon

Xcel Team – North

Valerie MacDonald

Xcel Team North

Valerie MacDonald has been coaching gymnastics for over 20 years in Colorado and Florida. She has worked with all levels of gymnastics including both Eagles/Xcel, USAG levels 4-8, TNT, and AAU. Her vast knowledge in this industry includes previous positions, such as Recreational Team Director, Team Director, Meet Coordinator, and CHSAA High School Judge. She hopes to bring her love and passion of the sport to every child that she coaches.

Kayla Weins

Xcel Team North

Kayla has been doing gymnastics since she was 3 years old – and that lead to a high level in gymnastics and transforming her into the person she is today. While being in the sport of gymnastics, Kayla learned strength, dedication, determination, work ethic, social skills, flexibility, compassion, discipline, consistency, and respect. Kayla has 5 years of coaching experience in recreational class and team and is attending Metro State University, working toward a degree in business management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. When Kayla has free time, she enjoys traveling and is hoping to study abroad for a semester while in college. She also enjoys outdoor actives such as horseback riding, camping, snowboarding, and wakeboarding.


Emily Lott

Rec. Director North

Emily grew up in a small town near Cleveland, Ohio where she started training gymnastics at a very young age. She competed in high school, but kept gymnastics as a hobby during college. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a B.S. in Technology. She continued attending adult gymnastics and decided to start coaching again when she moved to Denver. Emily loves all sports: dance, volleyball, yoga and Tae Kwondo (she received her black belt recommendation in high school!) She also loves spending time and going on adventures with her husband, Chris, and their puppy, Cooper.

Xcel Team – South

Chancey Hines

Xcel Team South

Coach Chancey holds an Associates degree in Esthetics from Warren Tech. She participated in gymnastics for 12 years and successfully completed level 9.  In 2003 she was the Colorado State Uneven Bar Champion and continued that success as an uneven bar and floor state champion in 2011 for Conifer High School. For the past 8 years Chancey has shared her knowledge with children in pre-school classes through level 9. She adores teaching and watching the children learn new skills. Her favorite gymnast of all time is Nastia Liukin. When not coaching coach Chancey is eagerly anticipating Shark Week!

Annalise Hoerter

Xcel Team South

Annalise began coaching with us as a high school junior. She has been a member of our Xcel team, as well as a competitor for Chatfield Senior High School, where she won the Sportsmanship Award all four years. Coach Annalise is a fantastic motivator, and teaches all levels from preschool to competitive. She really loves watching the kids grow. She has two dogs – a lab mix named Reggie, and a shiba inu named Kiki.

Lydia Centafonti

Xcel Team South

Coach Lydia is new to the Denver area, but not to gymnastics. Lydia has been teaching gymnastics, dance and Pilates in Chicago and Cleveland for many years. She is an artist through many mediums, and loves productions that successfully combine artistry and physicality, like Cirque Du Soleil. Lydia’s passion for rhythmic and artistic gymnastics keeps her forever connected to the sport. Watch out though – she is always game for a good handstand contest!


Carla Helton

Team and Staff Director

Carla is a proud Colorado native who has spent her whole life working with children of all ages. While pursuing a degree at Colorado Christian University, she worked as a counselor at The Tennyson Center for Children. She has taught preschool through 3rd grade as a school teacher and has worked with middle school through high school as a youth group leader at her church. When not in the gym, you can find her hiking outside in our beautiful Rocky Mountains or watching her high school boys play baseball, football, and lacrosse. In 2012, Carla visited 5280 Gymnastics and knew immediately this would be the perfect place for her daughter, EmmaClaire, to pursue her love for gymnastics.

Paola Hornung


Paola graduated from Kent State University with a major in accounting and a minor in Italian.  She moved to Colorado in 1999 and started a family, which includes her husband Justin, and their three daughters, Gabrielle, Verona, and Bianca. Previously, Paola worked in both accounting and tax for manufacturing, private equity and CPA firms.  In her free time, Paola loves to hike, swim, and take her girls shopping. “Having three daughters involved in the sport of gymnastics has given me a passion for the sport and a desire to be as involved as possible. My girls began gymnastics at 5280 in 2013, and this has been a second home to them and so many others.  I want to be involved too, as I also feel this is a second home to me. My family loves this facility and wants to be a part of its success.”